The Nintendo Switch is a new product coming this March that will likely blend the distinction between portable and stationary gaming machines. This cutting edge disruption lends itself to the Switch’s unique design. In portable mode, the controllers — two finger-sized sticks — connect like Legos to opposite ends of a wide iPhone-like display. The user can take this palm-sized device on the go and enjoy the same games both in portable and stationary mode. In order to connect the device to a standard TV, the Nintendo Switch attaches to a hub, and these two finger-sized devices can either interlock to form a standard controller or can be operated independently in each hand. In addition to the unique functionality, the Nintendo Switch is slickly designed with rounded edges and various colors. The Nintendo Switch allows the gamer much freedom in not only how he/she chooses to play but also how he/she fashions her device. This freedom is an important component of the product that results from its innovative design.