As someone extremely prone to forgetting my wallet as well as dropping my phone, the Verus Damda case has been a godsend. In addition to the usual features of a protective phone case, the Damda features a card compartment with a sliding back cover. 

For starters, it’s changed my attitude toward phone-based cardholders. Because of the compartment design, the case does not have to rely on friction to keep card secure like slot-based holders; getting out my cards is immediate rather than a prolonged struggle with plastic on rubber. It’s also changed my behavior. I no longer feel the need to carry a wallet, although this comes with some downsides. In an effort to prevent the case from being excessively bulky, the card compartment is limited to 3 cards, meaning that I rarely carry cash on me. Overall, the case’s durability, sleek aesthetic, superior convenience, and occasional compared to other cardholders as well as the occasional “wow” from strangers cements its place as a multifunctional tool for when I go out.