These Italian-made leather desert boots find their roots in World War II. Their ancestors were worn by British soldiers in Cairo by Nathan Clark. The military tradition has always been to protect feet, and when Clark saw these breathable, crepe-soled suede shoes worn by some of his men (bought from a local market), he sent sketches back to England for them to be made by his family’s shoe business. Since then, the design has been altered by many companies, including by the J.Crew-exclusive brand, MacAllister. I have owned five pairs of these shoes over many, many years, and they serve me well. They are breathable, and in leather, sturdy and rugged. They regulate their temperature well, and despite having flat soles, they are incredible flexible and have plush leather soles, so they are exceedingly comfortable. The full rubber outsole and heel don’t let in any moisture if you step in water, and the leather wears into a beautiful patina without cleaning. All in all, I see this Italian-made specimen of leather desert boot to be the best on the market, and is practically my only footwear.