In order to confront the growing population of mobile internet access in India and the general enjoyment of news, I have come up with Hack Daily. This news source has multiple facets and its most attractive feature is around the daily life hacks. The app’s simplicity makes it so that it is accessible to the semi-literate population, while informing on important issues. 

The home screen consists of five stories to look at for the day, short and simple. From left to right, the symbols represent local news, international news, global news, sports, and today’s hack. Because of the homepage’s simplicity, the app is easy to navigate for all users.

After clicking on an icon, you can look at the one page story. Each of the news pages consist of a picture or political cartoon, with a short caption explanation. The picture helps further understanding for the semi-literate, and the shortness of the caption makes it quick to get pieces of important news.

The most unique part of this app is the new hack given each day. The hack above tells about things you can replace eggs with when baking. The pictures make it very legible and enjoyable to look at. The hacks can consist of anything like this to workout routines, quick fixes around the house, or even an interesting quote for the day. This part of the app makes it so that the user comes back every day, wanting a new interesting fact to bring with them throughout the day.