For Challenge Half, I designed a personalized, pictorial news site called Snapshot that can be accessed via computer or mobile device. Snapshot creates a personalized feed for each user based on their interests, but allows users to explore all of the content on the site. As the user continues to use the site, their individualized feed becomes more specified to their tastes. Content is organized into categories based on icons, and the home page doesn’t have text, in order to draw in users who may be less confident in their reading abilities. Users also have the option to like, dislike, comment on, and share content, thus encouraging a social media-like usage of the site, which may draw more users. 

The content of the site is modeled on comic strips, with short sentences and large graphics, which make the site more accessible and entertaining to those who cannot or do not want to read large blocks of text. In terms of strategy, I think the emphasis on pictorial news, in addition to the sharing/commenting features will encourage continued use of the app, as well as encourage users to share stories with friends and family.