( I understand that low connectivity is a huge obstacle for delivering news in form of videos. However, instead of trying to find a way round. I decided to conquer the challenge directly. I noticed that the video ads on Youtube and FreeApps in my phone loads smoothly even when the connectivity is low. Therefore, I believe that we could render small-size videos and optimize their performance under low connectivity).

Tired of the walls of text in traditional news articles?
Try VidBit One- news from lively 1-min videos for semi-literate people or who got bored easily.
One video. One minute. One article.

This is the homepage:


Only 1 video is shown at a time so that user would not be lost in choice paradox (when people don’t choose anything because there are so many choices). User will swipe to read hooks and see previews of videos from top-trend topics from each category.


The video sums up the main and attractive points of the article in the hook and the video, which would lead people to click on the link to read the full text, or a longer version of the article. The text on the video would be short and readers-friendly so that people could read easily.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWiq0NbJmaw

They could browse their favorite content from the categories and subcategories. The videos in the sub-category also display like the homepage where only 1 video is shown at a time and people swipe to see more.


Inspiration: Though I like Science and Engineering a lot, I personally find short videos on Facebook more compelling and informative enough to tell me what is happening in the field. I thought that this would also be useful for semi-literate people, too. Furthermore, videos are engaging because it is harder to pause a playing video than to stop swiping to read the news.