I think that news in its current state is boring and too long. For the semi-literate population we are designing for, more image-based news with brief descriptions of important information (headlines, dates, follow up events) is all that an effective service would require. Furthermore, based on the two articles in the lecture slides, the news should gear toward more local news with the occasional global piece. My concept is pretty simple: show individuals powerful, aesthetically captivating images tailored to brief descriptions of newsworthy events. Each screen would look very much like a simple poster. The user could easily click and the next news story would pop up. The poster has been an effective way to disseminate information for centuries, and for a rather technologically disadvantaged semi-literate population, it can serve as an effective means to disseminate information. Above includes four poster like screens. Each screen presents some local news story. I believe that the service would be particularly useful for announcing events or giving people information on methods of engaging in advocacy for causes.

You’d get people to download the app by marketing it as an exciting way to quickly engage with local news. The images/posters would keep them engaged. I envision discovery working like snapchat news. You just keep clicking. I think this content should be entirely mobile as its meant to be a simple, easily accessible means of assessing information. The idea for this app stemmed largely from snapchat news.