GetTheNews is a news and teaching app which will feature a single news article each day. The basic concept is that the app will help teach India’s undereducated population background information the current issues being covered in the news. The name is meant to convey that it will both give users access to the news and also help them understand the news.

Each day’s article will be shown in two parts, as illustrated below. The focus of the article will vary each day of the week (e.g. Monday = Health, Tuesday = National Government, Wednesday = Sports…).  

First, the user will see an abridged or paraphrased version of a previously published news article (for example by the Times of India or another national or local paper).

Second, an original piece of content will accompany the article giving a basic lesson on some aspect of the main article. For example, in the mock-up shown here, where the article talks about the shortage of polio vaccines, the accompanying content is titled “What is polio?” Other example topics might be “Why is immunization important?” or “How do vaccines work?” This part will consist of simple text (any complex words will be defined) and graphic images will reinforce the information. When the graph is included, users will be able to click and enlarge it.

By featuring only one article each day, it will help users feel that the amount of information is manageable. It also encourages users to get into a routine of checking for a new post each day and includes a feature where users can set a time each day to be reminded to read the daily article. In case users want to read more, from the home screen it will also be possible to view the archive of posts (book icon) or share on social media (see first image).


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