NewsCast is a simple, elegant, and informative app aimed at speakers of all languages and those who are semi-literate. The app relies more on pictures than words, and text is limited when possible. 

The homepage is meant to convey the idea that NewsCast serves essential news for those all over the world. Users will be asked their preferred language when they sign up, and all articles will be translated to that language.

Users will allow the app to know their location, so news can be tailored on the local and national level, as well as delivering international news. Users can also choose their feed–similar to Reddit, there is a “front page” with all news stories, and then feeds more focused on a single topic.

A sample “ALL” feed for a user in Boston may look like the screen below. News stories rely on images to draw in the user, and the graphics should help explain the content of the article as much as the text does. Scrolling down will reveal more articles.

After selecting an article, the user can swipe through a story that is light on text and has large, informative graphics. On each page, the user is offered a chance to share the article on their social media accounts. Stories should be limited to a maximum of about 7 slides.