Perspektive is a news app that tries to show opposing
viewpoints on current issues through easy to digest graphics and minimal text
blurbs. It’s goal is to educate people on relevant topics that they might not get exposure to, as well as to allow them to see both sides of the debate.


The home screen is simple, and will feature a single button:
“Today’s Dialogue” which takes the user to a single story that is updated daily
depending on what is in the news.


The first page gives an overview of who the people are who
fall in either category, as well as a recognizable “champion” that people will
be be able to connect with specific viewpoints. From here, the user will tap
“Background” to move on.


The Background page has a small blurb about why this issue
has come up now, and what the current climate of the debate is. It won’t go
into detail on the two sides, but will give the user enough information to
understand the issue. Touching the button will take the user to the first


The next two pages will have some sort of graphic that relates to the viewpoint, then a short paragraph giving the overview and some of the most popular arguments for each side. After reading the second Perspektive, users will be able to press Learn More to go to the final page of the Daily Story.


The final page of the story gives users links to reputable sites where they can get more information on the issue if they choose. It then tries to encourage sharing with the call to action “What do you think? Share your PERSPEKTIVE” above buttons for Facebook and WhatsApp.

While there are share buttons on almost every page of the app, the real virality will come at the end when users are encouraged to share their perspective on either Facebook and WhatsApp. This allows them to engage with the content and create a dialogue with friends, who in turn can go through the app and share their thoughts as well.

The strengths of this app are its accessibility, call to action sharing and frequent content updating. New users will come primarily from word of mouth, but a goal would be to get exposure through reputable news media in India that mention the product as a good educational service. The sharing component of the app will include a link to the Google Play store if the person viewing the content doesn’t have the app already. Because of the content’s brief nature, at this time the only medium it will be offered on is mobile app.

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