When a user downloads this mobile app, the phone will prompt the user to enable location services. From there, GeoNews will use the dominant language in that area as the default language. The app will then proceed to curate news focused on three categories: local, national, and international. The user can toggle between these three categories to switch from local events to national stories or global phenomena. 

Instead of producing news, GeoNews will aggregate trending news stories through reliable news sources’ social media accounts. This partnership between GeoNews and media companies will be mutually beneficial as GeoNews saves on content production costs and these media companies will gain increased traffic (via GeoNews links).

Since media platforms like Instagram and Twitter provide succinct summaries, their content is both easily digestible and informative. A mix of Instagram photo posts and Tweets will make the news more engaging. One approach could involve presenting related Instagram photos and Tweets together to increase comprehension.

By leveraging existing content, this low-cost location-based app offers a simple platform to engage with relevant and accessible news.