I grew up in Poland in the 1980’s. The TV wasn’t popular back then and although I got online at the early stage of the Internet in my country I was already fifteen. When I was thinking about the design that would help our target population I reminded myself how we as children in Poland were getting our entertainment without YouTube, Netflix, etc.
As we didn’t have TV yet, my parents would call a phone service that offered tales for children. Every day there was a new fairy tale to listen. It was enough to call a number. There was a similar service for local weather my parents used.  
After reading the research I realized that almost quarter of our target population doesn’t have Internet access. Those who have data plans can’t always depend on them either. I want my app to include everyone interested.
My app would serve all people who have cell phones no matter if they have a data plan or not.


The welcome screen lets the user filter the news. Starting from local and worldwide, through many common sections like Politics, Culture, Weather or Sports.

The icons on the bottom of the screen let the user choose whether they want to call to listen to their on-demand news themselves or do they want the service to call them. In both cases, the connection will be made via the cellular network without the necessity of having any data plan.If the user chooses to call there won’t be any advertising. If we call them, there will be a 30-second block every three news.

If the user is in a reach of wifi or does want to use the data plan the app will also offer text and visuals. They will be in form of comic illustrations and text while using the GPRS connection (example below) and photos on faster connections (unless the user will set Comic as default).


Below is the example for faster connections, if the user will choose to see photos instead of comics as default. 


No matter if the user has a data connection or not at the end of the news there will be a possibility to rate it. The app lets users create their own networks for news sharing based on phone numbers only. The last icon in the filtering/welcome screen lets the user listen/watch all news rated highly by the members of the network. Sharing the news with people outside one’s network will be as easy as sharing a phone number to call. Each story will have a unique phone extension.

Photographs (c) Maciek Nabrdalik.
iPhone mockup (c) Pixeden.com
icons (c) icon8, freeiconspng.com, iconsETC