Daily Three is designed to be simple, easy and engaging.
Whereas modern day apps often overwhelm readers with endless options for news
articles, Daily Three seeks to simplify the news consumption to just three
articles, with optionality for exploring more. The base, however, limits the
number of options for the user in order to allow for the user to focus on the
most important and relevant news of the day.

The Homepage consists of three large panels to
indicate the options of topics the user would like to choose from. These topic
panels are customizable to select amongst World, Local, Health, Lifestyle,
Business, Science, and Arts. From here, users can select a panel to reveal the
three featured articles of the day. Short one-line headlines and photographs
are to accompany the article titles. This application strongly emphasizes the
use of imagery to accompany written content, specifically news-relaying
imagery. To this end, each article appears with a chart, infographic, map or
image to allow for visual news.

Key Functionalities:

Audio Read Aloud – This audio function is to
accommodate users who would like to supplement their news consumption with
listening. In this option, the article will be read aloud while images cycle

Add to List/Share– this option allows for users
to either add the article they read to their Library of articles and to Share
articles to other friends using the app.

Discover – this option allows for users to look
at other friends’ lists.


In terms of strategy, initial attraction of users relies on
the simple interface and quality of impactful, appealing news articles. The Library
functionality seeks to allow readers a chance to categorize and document past
articles they have found interesting. The read a loud functionality is also
critical in engaging readers with lower reading capabilities. The main idea
behind limiting the content panels to three and the subsequent article options
to three is to allow readers to focus on just the main topics. Moreover, the discovery
functionality allows for further articles, should certain channels interest
readers. Users would likely share the app in order to see what others have read
in the past and what others have saved in their libraries.