The interface of the app doesn’t require much time to become accustomed to, as it follows most apps’ layouts quite closely. Users will see a stream of articles upon opening the app, and can adjust account settings and search for specific topics using a menu bar up top. Also featured on the menu bar are the different functions of the app, including articles (main feature), traffic updates, a monitored forum for discussions (so that people can engage with other readers and share their own thoughts), as well as interface with social media apps to directly share articles or thoughts online. Having features besides ability to read articles allows users to turn to the app for all types of “news”, such as what their friends are saying about certain topics, and the traffic conditions for their commute home (during which they can keep up with the news!).

Template: Balsamiq

The app presents “articles” graphically, as brief infographics, showing the breakdown of even complicated topics and discussions. The designs will take several articles’ information into account on any particular topic, hoping to provide comprehensive information in a clear format. The infographics influenced by PPT slides, that present topics requiring even a lot of background information in a digestible and aesthetically pleasing way (that doesn’t require much text). The infographics are continuous, meaning no set page breaks on the app interface. My storyboard is thus presented as a long strip of content:

Template: Canva

* Would include a brief description leading to next page/link, on how it presents one specific group’s (tech giant CEOs) perspective on the immigration ban. Overall, these descriptions serve to enable the “buildup” of a story, especially presentation of case studies or specific situations relating to the topic at hand.

The infographics are designed to be visual yet highly informative – which is great for the target population. Additionally, the “social” features of the app, such as ability to directly share articles and view friends’ discussion posts, promotes sharing.