When I left for college, my dad insisted that I bring a laptop lock, something I had never used before. I was reluctant to get something that seemed so unnecessarily precautionary and cumbersome, but I listened to his wise words and brought it along. Needless to say, now I think the laptop lock is a great accessory. 

If I’m working late in Lamont one night, often times, it is to study for a huge exam or finish up a research paper. So, I have things strewn all over the cubicle table. Suddenly I want to go out to get some food or use the restroom, and I don’t have to pack up my whole cubicle of things. All I have to do is loop the lock and secure it into my laptop, either with a key or with a code like pictured above. Now, I can safely depart for a while and come back knowing that my valuables are secured to the library table. 

With all these reports of laptops getting stolen out of dorm windows or off of library desks, it’s nice to know that I’ve taken some precautions. After all, so much valuable information and files are now our devices that getting through a day and work seems impossible without them.