My Wearable Story

Perry Klebahn broke his ankle in 1991. This injury was frustrating because he had been an avid skier, so he thought of a different way to have fun in the snow. He found an old pair of snowshoes and went out for a hike. However, he realized that the design did not work well at all. The shoes were stiff and barely kept snow out. He decided to redesign the snowshoe. After 8 iterations and putting each of these shoes to the test with weekend climbs, he started selling. At the time, snowshoeing had never been thought of as a recreational activity, so Perry teamed up with local ski resorts to carve out snowshoeing paths and got his customers to pilot the sport. Perry eventually founded his own snowshoe company, Atlas Snow Shoe Company and has patented his v-shape design to over come mobility challenges and suspension technology to over come safety challenges.