As far as I could remember, my mom always forced me to wear merino wool inner when winer came and personally I just didn’t enjoy the texture of wool because it made me feel itchy. 

(years passed)

I did not remember clearly when I started to wear HEATTECH. But when I lived in Japan, it was nearly impossible to find a person who never heard of or wore HEATTECH. According to a survey conducted by UNIQLO, more than 9 out of 10 (96.3%) people surveyed
recognized the brand and1 of 2 (55.3%) owned HEATTECH. People even mentioned HEATTECH “changed my daily life” (80.8%) because it helps them engage in a “wider
variety of activities” or dress “more fashionably.” It also influenced people inwardly, helping them enjoy winter more

So…how does HEATEACH work? What’s the technology behind it?


The concept of HEATTECH is to transform people’s stereotype of winter clothing. In the past, it was taken for granted that people need to put on multiple layers of bulky clothes to stay warm. HEATTECH, UNIQLO’s winter wear, has changed such conventional wisdom for winter, providing a new level of comfort in people’s lives. HEATTECH was jointly developed by UNIQLO and world leading textile manufacturer TORAY INDUSTRIES since its launch in 2003. Heat generation and heat retention are two main functions of HEATTECH. HEATTECH absorbs your body moisture, the movement of tiny droplets actually generates heat to keep you warm. On the other hand, the air pockets in the material then store this heat in the fibers to keep the warmth on your skin. To me, the most important reason I chose HEATTECH is the fiber also reduces discomfort from static electricity, when putting on and taking off the garment. It also have a wide range of variation(37 design variations with maximum 23 colors) so you can almost wear it everyday without picking the suitable for your daily life. 

The function of HEATTECH has constantly evolved, with adding more collection using HEATTECH technology. So basically now I can wear HEATTECH from top to bottom while keeping warm without wearing too much.