Packaged in crisp, futuristic, and silver-foiled packages, Uniqlo’s Heattech garment line has been famous for flying off the brand’s shelves everywhere. It is no wonder – who would not want to purchase garments backed by science?

Uniqlo’s HEATTECH Scoop Neck Top in Black initially appears quite understated and standard. Yet even in its simplicity, this stretchy, fitted top hugs you in a comforting, smooth and warm manner.  Simple, practical and effective are words that come to mind to describe the top and its profound ability to keep me warm. These descriptors fall directly in line with the goals of the larger company, “simple made better.”

Yet, embedded within the fabrics of this shirt is the innovative Heattech technology that has developed by Uniqlo and Toray Industries. Uniqlo and Tory, a textiles and fibers firm, collaborated to create the Heattech line, with Tory creating and supplying the fabrics and Uniqlo spearheading the design and marketing of the products. Textiles and fibers firm Tory Industries created Heattech fabric to fulfill the goal of creating a lighter, thinner, and warmer thermal than traditional bulky thermals that existed previously. Heattech garments, made with fabric consisting of threads one-tenth the width of a human hair, did just that. Heattech uniquely absorbs body moisture to create heat evenly throughout the body. What resulted is the creation of powerful new garments that are not only stretchy, soft and anti-static, but also insulating, moisture-wicking, quick drying and non-deforming.

There is something quite elegant about the emphasis on simplicity and practicality just as technology becomes more advanced and more complicated. Uniqlo’s Heattech Scoop Neck Top shows these trends are quite compatible.