The innovative Columbia Headring combines the traditional headband with earmuffs. The sides of the headband dip down in a semi-circle to conveniently cover your ears. Without the clunky earmuff band, the user can wear another head garment over the headring for extremely cold days. The inside of the headring is lined with reflective, light technology to ensure warmth and breathability. In addition, the chic design of the headring eliminates the stigma that comes with wearing earmuffs.

The word headband is derived from “headache bands” since the pressure was believed to cure headaches. The history of the headband started with the Greeks, who wore headbands for special occasions. Fast forward to the 20th century, headbands developed into much more practical everyday items. Women wore headbands to protect their hair during the industrial ages. Athletes and performers used headbands to keep cool and to keep hair out of their face. However, they are still primarily worn as a fashion item.

My ears stick out more than the average person. Coming from the warm, mono-season city of San Francisco, my ears froze immediately when winter set in. I wanted the athletic style and functionality of a headband, along with the warming qualities of an earmuff. The headring is a perfect fit.