The Philip B Hairbrush Cleaner is an effective and easy way to clean your hairbrush. To some – those with short and thin hair or those who use a comb – the Hairbrush Cleaner seems worthless. However, as an individual with long hair, who has a sister constantly stealing my hairbrush without cleaning it before return, this tool is a savior. The product features a wooden handle and numerous bent metal bristles. It is simple, clean, and creative.

The second I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Philip B’s Hairbrush Cleaner, I knew that I needed to have one. The product solves an everyday problem or task of cleaning my hairbrush that I never imagined could be fixed with a simple tool. It is unlike anything on the market, and sold at only $15 on Amazon, I image that others have and will experience a similar delight when stumbling upon this product.