I’m a DJ. I need especially rugged headphones that can take a good beating. Everything about the headphones fits my profile. First there’s the cable. It’s made of Kevlar and can bend and fold 1 million times before being broken. Meanwhile the headphones are durable as well. I have thrown my headphones, dropped them, bent them and they still work perfectly. Beyond that, all of the standard needs of an audiophile are there: they have very high sound quality (much higher than Beats by Dre.) and are extremely comfortable to wear for long periods, a must for a DJ or music producer like myself. Finally the headphones allow for full customization. DJs are well known for putting their logo on the metal plates on the sides of the phones. With dozens of well-known DJs and producers regularly using these headphones comma remote as one of the most well-known options on the market. It also helps that they’re about half the price of Beats by Dre and twice the quality. I love these headphones.