I love structured clothing. Because it usually feels nice (the fabric usually has to be of a specific kind), neat, looks thoughtful but yet simple. An example is this leona blouse. It has a very quiet vibe of neatness because of the mid-length shoulder and a ‘cloak’ like shape, but the asymmetric length in the front and the back definitely tells a playful story. And I love a story.

Moreover, something about the flow, and the simple geometry of the blouse draws my eyes to it when I try it on. When I stay still, hands to my side, the structure of the blouse makes me look formal and poised. But when I start walking and spinning around, the light fabric flows and twirls with my movement. This helps me emphasize my cheerfulness. I feel like it complements different aspects of my personality and I really don’t generally expect a piece of clothing to do that job at all.