I only occasionally wear make-up, and rarely enjoy it enough to watch a tutorials on how to achieve a certain look. I find most of the video boring — the scenes usually switch between 1) showing a product 2) Applying that product.

This can be made more enjoyable with some cute or hilarious comments here and there, but most of them are still dry after 3 minutes into it.

However, Mintchyy, an asian blogger that I just found had a very interesting way of approaching this. Of course, she still has to do the same old, showing the product & showing how to apply it. However, she creates a story around it.

For example, to create a tutorial on how to wear a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. She films a short story on her school campus, and show a scenario in which her teacher prohibits her from wearing make up.

Then, during the ‘how-to’ itself, she would justify her technique in that relatable contexts and share a personal story.

 For example “And you don’t want to brush your mascara all the way the end of the lash — just around the root to add volume. When you do that, it is very obvious. I got called out because of that once — my lash was so long they touched my brows and my friend made fun of me [laugh]”

It makes the video very personal, relatable and pleasant. Unlike other bloggers who always achieve a perfect look and method, she always makes some mistakes here and there in the video. I love that because it looks