While students in the past had to literally ‘burn the midnight oil’ as they study into the night, most of us in present day get to enjoy a much more convenient electronic lamp. One of the most well-designed items that I have in my room is this lamp form Lampat. Although its aesthetic simplicity might trick you into thinking that it is just another ‘modern looking’ lamp, I have found it to be the most useful tool on my desk. Other than emitting light, this lamp was designed specifically college students.

First, the lamp is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy for storage – a problem that worries college students who frequently move. When this lamp first arrived from amazon, the package was light and small. I set it up within less than 3 minutes.

Second, the different light modes ranging from reading, studying to sleeping answers various specific use of the students. I use the intense reading mode in the morning to heighten my alacrity and switch to sleep mode at night when I try to relax my eyes before I go to bed.

Third, Its design appropriately assumes that students usually have limited working desk and outlets. The lamp comes with a USB port that you can charge your phone with, and also a wide tray base that you can neatly rest your phone and wallet in. Did I mention that the lamp can be folded completely (as in figure 1) and get tucked out of the way in seconds?

Fourth, It was designed to solve the problem of not ‘having enough light’. While this might invoke a ‘duh’ response (as that’s what any lamp should do), I think lampat does extraordinary good job committing to this problem. Most admirably, the ‘on/off’ button glows a soft red light even when the lamp is off! This means that when your room is pit-black, you don’t have to fumble through the darkness to find that ‘on’ button.