If you are in the gaming community (ex. Steam), then you might have heard of TOS.

I tried it out a while ago after a friend’s introduction and I was really surprised by the choice of graphic they choose the represent character in this game.

While the game targets mostly man, the avatars are drawn with a more feminine look.

Both female and male character have big eyes, round soft face, slender body, tiny hands and feet. These are stereotypical feminine features. 

My speculation is that, such style makes the game looks more friendly with such soft, easy-on-the-eye strokes. The experience of the character in the game makes me realize that the design also fits the nature of the game well.

TOS is the kind of game that you invest a lot of time in to level-up. They aim for the kind of experience that is not too exciting (so that you won’t get tired too easily) or too scary. Therefore, you probably need less acute visual stimulations to make the playing experience feels very smooth and seamless. In this case, it makes sense to me that you need a ‘comfortable’ visual to stare at for hours.