I am a noob when it comes to exercising. I used to always look up a set of exercise drills before going to the gym because I would have no clue which exercise suits my goals or how to actually execute it.

Sworkit addresses this messy problem head-on. It is one of the most functional exercises app that I have seen. It allows you to discover a new strength set of exercises effortlessly. In short, it leads you to a workout by

1) Ask you to select general body parts that you want to work out

2) Put in duration of workout

Then it generates a set of exercises with clear short-video instruction. Wala! No  more confusions. No more trying to look up images or youtube videos.

It does really well in cutting down decision making process. However, It still feels more like an instruction paper (cold and emotionless) without any encouragement that most fitness app pursues in the market.

I wonder if further gamifying the experience (ex. reward after finishing an exercise) would make the app even more enjoyable, or just distracting it.