I swear to god this app helped me get into Harvard.

I remember studiously studying for my history exam as a freshman in high school when my friend introduced me to the app.

It’s an AMAZING study tool. It’s basically flashcards for your phone, allowing you to make your own on multiple platforms in addition to downloading them from other sources like Quizlet. You can also share private decks with your friends who also have the app. 

The Deluxe version ($3.99) is completely worth it. The add-on features are incredible. You can customize your cards however you want them, whether you want to test yourself with multiple choice questions, images, or drawing. I fin the drawing function especially useful for studying Chinese because I can test my recollection of a character and draw it on my phone, then flip the card over with the drawing still visible to check my answer. It’s honestly so handy.

The app also has different modes built in for short- or long- term learning, and the app can remind you when you need to study in order to maintain or improve the level of current mastery of a subject. I appreciate the intense seriousness which the app approaches learning with. I feel like the creators did a lot of research on how the human brain learns and incorporated it into the product.

Besides the fact that when I’m using the app on the go or in the library I look like a 15-year old who’s way into texting/social media, I enjoy the convenience and usefulness of the app. Not only is it a good replacement for physical flashcards, I believe that it has created an entirely new experience and product that utilizes all that our current technology has to offer.