After experiencing a foot injury recently, I obtained a pair of custom orthotics at the suggestion of my doctor and with intense consultation with my podiatrist. 

Here is a diagram illustrating how the foot fits into an insert: 

My orthotics help me combat the strain my low arches put on my toes, tendons, and knees. I feel much bouncier and able to walk or run long distances with these inserts.

I was very impressed at my doctor’s visit because my podiatrist patented a computerized system to make custom orthotics. It’s called EvenKeel, and he got his son to help code it. You step on the machines (like a scanner) and then the MD-certified formula helps decide what shape the orthotic needs to be. The podiatrist is also an artist in his spare time, and frequently brings his artistic skill in designing orthotics for his patients and for the patented system.

I really like the idea of using technology to enhance our bodies to be as healthy as possible. There are so many possibilities in the field of biomedical engineering, and I can’t wait to delve deeper into it and see how I can contribute to it.