Literally. I have one password for all of my other passwords. I only memorize one, long, tedious master phrase, and now all of my other passwords can be randomly generated. This is powerful because my master password is not stored anywhere but in my head. On the other hand, website specific passwords are often stored poorly, in hackable databases. Should one website be hacked, and should I be like many people in the world who use the same password everywhere, all of my data is suddenly leaked? Using the 1Password app, my data is now siloed.

1Password is a great example of how good design is not always aesthetic. In this case, it comes in the form of a beautifully thought through system. Access to my passwords can be done with a thumbprint too, which only increases the ease of use. As any well designed system, 1Password makes me safer and reduces mental load, giving me the headspace to focus on other more important tasks.

Is using 1Password easier than not using 1Password? Yes, because retrieving passwords are easier than not remembering passwords.