This is a tea set that I obtained in China. The entire set, which is what I’m holding in my hand plus two additional components, fit within the box on my lap. The carvings on top of the box are not only elegant, but also very functional. The mini table that I am holding can be placed directly on the box, with all the necessary components fitting in a groove. The carvings on the box allow any water that lands on the box to drain into it, to be poured out once tea drinking is done. This is especially useful in China, where clean faucets are much less available and the tea containers are washed with boiling water. The water can be poured directly into the box, so there is no need to interrupt tea drinking by getting up to clean a cup. Thus, the box on my lap serves as a storage container, waste receptacle, and serving table, without compromising any of the roles to improve the others. That makes this the ideal container to hold a tea set.

Note: Sorry if this is a repeat post. I typed out this post already and thought I posted it but now I can’t find it and I’m not sure what happened to it.