I remember how
awesome it was to finally get the Peavey JSX amp when I was 13, that thing
shredded.  At the time, I was beginning
to play more performances, which called for a louder and more versatile
amp.  The JSX amp is actually a tube amp,
which are higher performance that normal amps, and the JSX in particular requires
a few minutes of warming up the tubes before any sound starts to come
through.  There are two dials on it, one
is power and one is standby.  If you flip
off the standby switch, the amp would remain warmed up, yet wouldn’t be
on.  Almost like a rest mode to keep the
tubes warm.  I remember  deciding between a half stack and a combo amp
(pictured), and ultimately went with the combo amp because of its value and
versatility, while buying a separate head and body amp could add up expenses.