In Hinduism, we have murtis, which are physical objects that represent a deity or spiritual force. A murti can really be anything but often they are crafted to look like classic depictions of particular gods. My mother gave me this small murti of the god Ganesh-ji. I always keep him with me, whether in my pouch, jacket pocket, or bag. He is the god of good luck and fortune. Due to his physical composition, having an elephant head and a human body, and my obsession with elephants since I was three years old my mother knew this murti would be perfect for me. Now it is weather away, with it’s original golden body turning chrome and its face missing one of its bejeweled eyes. But that’s why it even carries more significance in my life – it has seen so much of the Malhotra family for over at least two generations. I’m hoping that I will pass it down to my children to add another layer of stories to its incredible journey.