I’ve always thought that a watch was a bit useless these days considering one always has a cell phone on him or her. But I’ve noticed that most professionals still wear a watch regardless. If you look at any advertisement for apparel, the model will usually be adorned with a watch.

I started to take note and wore a watch almost everyday to work (definitely a sucker for well-placed marketing here) but barely looked at it for the time. Wearing it soon became a staple in my life and without it I would feel naked. For watches there are two things I require: a) it needs to be versatile in styling and b) the dial thickness needs to be thin. Once my first watch was no longer salvageable, I was determined to find another one within days. I was on a budget, but I didn’t want others to think that when they saw what I was wearing. After days of searching online and visiting niche stores, I found this Rosefield watch. I no longer feel naked.