In the palladium mall in Worli I found these Church’s loafers from Heel and Buckle. I usually prefer slip-ons to shoes with laces, but these mainly caught my attention because of the materials and cut. They’re made of suede and are in the classic Prince Albert slipper shape. Usually one would wear such shoes for special occasions, but I prefer to wear these whenever they match my outfit. I would rather they take a beating and I retire them than to have them sit in my closet to be worn twice a year. Until I found these shoes I had never heard of Church’s, which was founded in 1873 in the UK. I tend to like the ostentatious nature of the shoes, but the clik-clak they make with every step is a bit too much. Perhaps it’s a sign of high quality, but I would rather not receive attention through audible means. The visual is enough.