When people use to ask me what kind of music I liked to
listen to, I always responded with a generic and uneventful, “whatever is on
the radio.” As lame as I know that response is, it was true for a solid portion
of my life as it was generally pretty easy for me to listen to the radio,
whether it was in the car on the way to school or in my room from my alarm
clock. Coming to college however, I realize that because I was never driving
anywhere and spent relatively little time in my room, the opportunity to listen
to the radio became rather limited and thus I found myself listening to less
and less music. That’s when I decided to sign up for a free Spotify trial and
tried to figure out if there was a way for me to start rebuilding a relationship
with music. Although at first I thought the service was great in helping me
find specific songs and create playlists, it wasn’t until recently that I began
to appreciate its greatest feature: helping users discover the music they love
and new artists. Since beginning to use the service, I have begun to have a
much easier time articulating what type of music I like and growing my
knowledge of different musicians who I am a fan of. Additionally, I really
enjoy the opportunity Spotify gives me to connect with friends and to get
suggestions from my more musically aware friends on what kind of music I should
check out.