One thing I have begun to notice about my sense of design is
that I am more often than not impressed and enamored but small details and
fixtures, rather than large scale revolutionary designs that are immediately
apparent. In particular, I am always really satisfied when the details of any
given design only become clear to me over time, and I really love the sense of
“discovering” beautiful design, rather than having it thrown in front of my
face. I think the resurgence of filament bulbs really capture this phenomenon
for me, especially in the sense that they can be installed into existing light
fixtures and don’t require customers to transform their room designs. Because the
light produced by such bulbs doesn’t in and of itself make obvious that it is a
unique light bulb, it is only when one sees the bulb directly that its beauty
is fully appreciated. I really appreciate that the bulb takes what would
otherwise be an uneventful piece of hardware and transforms it into an engaging
work of art. While continuing to provide the light needed, filament light bulbs
add a deeper level of beauty and design which can make a room design that much
more interesting.