As someone who took 3 Uber cars yesterday, I think it is safe to say that Uber has become an absolutely integral part of my transport.  I think the service that Uber provides is unique from both a supply and demand perspective.  From the supply side, Uber basically offers people with some free time on their hands to make some extra money–or, for some very dedicated drivers–to make driving their full time jobs.  Meanwhile, from a demand perspective, Uber (especially in Boston) offers a number of benefits.  First and foremost, the convenience of Uber is unparalleled.  Unlike in New York City (where I am from), Boston taxi cabs can be somewhat hard to find, and if I am just standing on a random street, the odds of an empty cab passing me are not all that high.  Meanwhile, with Uber, I can essentially guarantee that I will be able to get home at any time of day–whether the T is closed or not, and whether I am in a taxi-dense area or not.  In addition, Uber in Boston has taken the smart tactic of charging less than taxis do.  Going to the airport by cab, for example, could cost me up to $50, whereas the exact same ride in an Uber has never cost me more than $25.  Finally, there is a degree of safety that is present in an Uber that is not guaranteed to the same extent in a taxi, per say.  Because rides are tracked and riders input their destination, I always feel a bit safer that the driver is technologically required to take me to my desired destination.  Because of all of these factors, Uber has been an amazing addition to my previous travel options in Boston.