I first started to become interested in collecting socks during my sophomore year of high school and over the past several years have grown in my appreciation for a great pair of socks. When I first became interested in upgrading my sock collection I often was drawn to socks with a great aesthetic design. Stores like Urban Outfitters, which offer inexpensive but really unique designs at first really attracted me as it seemed like the perfect one stop shop to completely revolutionize my sock collection. What I quickly realized however is that what Urban Outfitters socks make up for in design, they lacked in quality. In other words, even though my feet looked cooler, I wasn’t actually wearing a pair of socks that was especially comfortable, nor a pair of socks that was going to last more than a couple months. Unsatisfied with the socks I had purchased, I began looking for high quality socks that still satisfied my desire to have some cool designs. I pretty quickly found a company called PACT which offered great quality socks but unfortunately the designs weren’t the most interesting. Finally I discovered Stance, a company that offers the best of both worlds. While it is certainly true their socks are a little bit more expensive that other “funky sock,” the socks are super high quality, feel great to wear, and don’t fall apart after being washed a few times. Stance also offers a huge range of designs which has allowed me to grow a diverse selection fit for any occasion.