If you’re sharing a fridge at work or at home, you might run into the problem of people “accidentally” eating your lunch. Many places may require members to label their food with their names and the date of the addition. However, the Anti-Theft Lunch Bag featured here might be able to protect your food in another way. The patterns on the plastic bag make it seem as if your sandwich had started growing mold! Although I love the idea and design of the item, I think it might not actually be effective. First, up close, the bag design might not be convincing enough to deter potential “thefts.” Second, if people are convinced, they might throw away the sandwich! (I personally have had my items, completely fresh, in a fridge thrown away by others. These are sad tales…) Third, this trick might only work for sandwiches. However, the design is interesting enough that I would want to buy some if the bags are not too expensive or are reusable. 

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