Ever since using Bluetooth headphones five years ago I have never turned back to wired ones. Actually, when these headphones started to malfunction I felt so restrained turning to my wired RHA headphones. Despite the superior quality music produced by wired headphones, the Jaybird Bluetooth headphones have done a decent job pumping mids, lows, and highs from their small figure.

I use these headphones primarily because they are practical, not because they are the prettiest headphones around. I actually wish I could tweak the look of these. I would make them in grey instead of black and add some slight brown leather accents. Then it would really match my preferred aesthetic.

The headphones have gone bad twice over three years and each time Jaybird has sent me a new unit free of cost, even when I was out of warranty. This customer service was so impressive that I plan to always have a trusty Jaybird Bluetooth headset to rely on in the future.