Running and cycling gear are not as safe as people think, because they require direct contact with headlights or streetlights to be effective. What does that mean then? It means that if a car is coming around a curve, they only see you when you are right in front of them. Then you could get hit. 


^estimated distance that cyclists believe they are visible to drivers and actual distance they are visible 

Other problems with current options:

– Reflective strips around ankles and knees are most useful, and are not used as often as they should. 

-Cyclists greatly overestimate the point at which they think they are visible to drivers at night. 

– Bicyclists believe, incorrectly, that fluorescent vests are useful at night. 

-Reflective strips have to be moving to help. People forget that headlights are low, so illumination at the ankle location is important.


IllumiGear eliminates the problem of requiring direct light to activate visibility to drivers and others. Thus, it is more practical and safer for night-time cycling/ running/ or other activities.

Using el-wire, which is a powerful battery-powered Electroluminescent wire, it can be incorporated into into lightweight running jackets to increase visibility to vehicles at night, without needed the direct light. Lightweight and durable, it increases safety for nighttime athletes.