I have it, and so does everyone else. Unfortunately, it is not nearly as good as it could be. The above screenshots highlight a series of pain points in the iPhone Contacts app:

– Contacts are constantly duplicated. Who knows how people end up in your contacts book. Maybe you got a new phone, and everyone was duplicated. Maybe you linked your facebook, and now you have empty contacts with only names and facebook emails flooding you contacts book. Unfortunately, it is brutally painful to delete these contacts, and there is no interface to combine them.

– Contacts are weighted equally. But this does not accurately reflect reality. For some reason, your best friend and mother are equally hard to find as that person your met briefly once years ago, got their number, and then never spoke again. The reality that people are more likely to seek individual contacts than others is not taken advantage of in the interface, making browsing painful.

– Contacts contain a lot of information that most people don’t care about. The example image of my contact of Stephen Turban lists an aggressive amount of information I don’t care about such as three rows from Facebook which just repeat his name. This space could be better used to keep track of interesting facts about him.

– Contacts are useless if I don’t remember the person’s name. Many times I have met someone new, entered their name in my phone, and then not been able to contact them later because they have become lost in the ocean of old, decrepit contacts. Why is there no recently added sort? Why can I not search based on things I noted about the person when I met them, such as gender, age, and location?