Onewheel One City Tour

Onewheel’s visual colors and materials, as well as it’s design, have a rugged, industrial appeal. It speaks to the extreme explorer, aspiring or otherwise. Mobile like a skateboard, offroad-capable like an ATV, smooth like a snowboard, it offers a plethora of capacities in its ability to move.

Onewheel is not only an exciting product for the extreme, however. It is much easier to learn and more accessible than it looks. We have designed a Boston Esplanade Onewheel Tour. A marketing tool and revenue sources designed to bridge the gap between One Wheel and those who are seeking milder forms of adventure.

Boston’s Esplanade is a stretch of land designed for lounging and light to moderate exploration. Young to middle aged runners, moms, loungers, dates and more regularly use the various facilities available. Various docks and boat landings offer close contact with the river. Open bike paths and parks put the users between the Charles and the city offering the most gorgeous scenery in Boston. Other locations offer more specific value. The Hatch Shell is home to countless concerts and provides a wide open grass field for exercise, lounging and ball games. The Museum of science is another notable location and the paths go under multiple bridges and past many pieces of unique architecture, as well. Finally, a skate park north of the esplanade provides slightly more active opportunities for fun.

The Esplanade as a whole provides the perfect backdrop for a Onewheel tour. We recommend $50-100 tours (with varying levels of ability) that include multiple stops along it. These tours can be modeled after many of the foot, bus, bike and Segway tours that take place in and near the esplanade already, including “Boston By Foot” “Charles River Tours” with the Charles Riverboat Company, “Duck Boat” tours and the countless other historical tours that take place nearby.