18-year-old Sara’s current experience with Onewheel:


That’s where Onewheel: Campus Cruiser comes in!

Business Plan:

A Hubway style rental system partnering with colleges as a way to provide on- and around-campus transportation. The $50 yearly fee would be included in the cost of tuition, with the ability to opt out if desired. Universities would also have a student-run Onewheel workshop/store to both teach students about the Onewheel and the engineering behind it, and to make repairs/perform routine maintenance. The cost of this shop would be covered by the yearly fee, and students working there would also act as Onewheel ambassadors by holding weekend riding lessons and promoting the Onewheel on campus.

8-year old Sara’s experience after launch of Onewheel: Campus Cruiser:


Aligning the University’s incentives with those of Onewheel:


Benefits to the University:


Colleges can claim to be environmentally friendly by providing students with a greener alternative to driving their own car or taking public transportation.

Fewer Buses

The Onewheel rental program helps colleges cut the number of university-operated buses or shuttles to save money and reduce pollution.

Cool Factor

The Onewheel program is very unique and could be used as a selling point to students, making the college seem fun and on the cutting edge of transportation tech.

Benefits to Onewheel:


Having Onewheel stands around campus, and a rental plan built into tuition, automatically increases awareness of the product to those attending the school and anyone living on or around campus. Even visiting students and tourists get exposure to the Onewheel.

Gender Rebranding

By starting a new college campaign, Onewheel has the chance to completely rebrand and market equally to both genders, instead of marketing to women as somewhat of an afterthought.

Routine Integration

The rental program makes Onewheels very accessible, and including the fee in the school’s tuition creates an incentive to use them, so Onewheel can begin to fit into a student’s daily schedule. As using the Onewheel becomes routine, there is greater publicity and a sense of necessity tied to the Onewheel.

Benefits to Both:


The college saves money by not having to provide as many alternative means of transportation, and Onewheel makes money from the yearly fee.

Student Workshop

The college uses the Onewheel as a learning tool, and Onewheel covers maintenance and possibly finds new ways to innovate through modifications done by engineering students.