Rarely if ever do I feel as though I have such a positive experience in a store that it becomes memorable but my visits to the Warby Parker definitely stand out in the sense that I truly felt I had a great experience visiting their store. I first encountered Warby Parker a few years ago when I saw their beautifully designed store and decided to walk it off the street, intrigued by their image which on one hand feels incredibly sleek and modern but at the same time almost retro to an earlier generation of eye wear. I was immediately impressed by how easy it was just to try on the glasses and the staff who were in no way pressuring me to purchase anything. The relaxed atmosphere made me feel comfortable enough to try on several pairs and ultimately I found one that I loved. Unlike many glasses stores, Warby Parker has incredibly affordable prices and their products are great quality. Not only do I love my glasses, but I really like the lifestyle Warby Parker promotes and the awesome user experience they provide.