The Headhugger Headphones,
designed specifically to be used when listening to our song “Bollywood Mashup”
(or to other music with the intention of relaxing the listening, allow users to
have a unique listening experience unlike any other. Unlike traditional
headphones which typically have the some purpose of delivering a more
personalized music experience, Headhuggers do more than just move music to
one’s ears; Headhuggers compliment the emotion of relaxing music my caressing
the head of the listening and giving the listener the sensation of being
comforted by a loved one.

Visually, the Headhuggers
were designed to be as approachable as possible. Unlike headphone in bold
colors which some consumers can find off-putting or even too exciting
(something we were trying to avoid with our calming song), the black, white and
gray color scheme is stylish yes unobtrusive. Although the Headhuggers giver
users a unique experience, putting on the headphones is quite intuitive for
those who have worn over headphones in the past and it is only once the
headphones are on that the user begins to have truly a unique experience.

Because heads come in all
shapes and sizes, the unique bands that cover the back of the Headhuggers are
elastic, meaning users which a huge range of head sizes can have equally
comforting experiences with the product. Additionally the large earphone cover
provide great sounds quality regardless of if the listener is a child or an


Although the musicality of
Bollywood Mashup is somewhat unique in the sense that it is not necessarily
what all listeners associate with a calming experience, we have found the what
is more universal is the calming sensation people have when they experience a
hug. This is precisely the feeling Headhuggers attempts to recreate and, when
paired with calming music, the Headhuggers offer the perfect balance of
soothing comfort and relaxing style.