These aren’t something I have, but they are something I enjoyed relaxing on during my time in Boston last summer. Designed and created by architects Howeler and Yoon, these swings bring back fond memories of childhood while adding a touch of freshness and novelty.

These swings are large circular masses illuminated with LED lights that change color according to activity. They seemed to transition through cool colors of green, blue, and purple when movement is induced. These colors are calming and smooth. The swings also come in a variety of sizes, so people can choose to sit by themselves, lay down on the swing (as shown above), or even snuggle with a partner. These swings also run completely on solar power that recharge every day and power up the LED lights at night. 

By adding a splash of fun to a childhood memory, these swings attracted people of all ages from all over Boston. It allowed adults to rekindle the child in themselves. Though the brightly-lit swings were a huge success, they were meant to exist only temporarily and so were taken down last October.