In the same way that out song is both conscious but asleep, we wanted our headphones to also blur seemingly opposing ideas.

The base of our earpiece starts off as a perfect circle, which is tapers into an exact square. At risk of sounding overly metaphorical and similar to the Arnell Group, we thought that our earpiece nicely represented a unity of relaxation and alertness. The square is built up from its circular foundation in the same way that our alert states in the middle of school and work can be seen as built from a primal state that we are in when we are still waking up.

These headphones tell a story. What happens once a circle is transformed into a square. The earpieces are attached to a headband. But this headband has none of the square’s jagged edges, allowing the story to conclude: we’re back again in our circular state where we started.


After creating the headphones, they were upholstered with navy leather because comfort is crucial for the experience to be fully anxiety reducing. Moreover, Navy was chosen as the color for the leather, because it fits into the minimalist story that the headphones are trying to convey. 

Below are some photos of the headphones during the assembly and upholstery process.