RISE headphones give you the power to get up and away from the anxieties of your daily life. They transport you to a serene, calming place where you can be at peace. Listening to music with RISE headphones is more than just hearing a song – it is a complete mental experience.

The visual aesthetic is simple, clean, and peaceful. The soft white material and gentle curves are a powerful visual statement, yet subtle, and are designed to not draw excessive attention to the wearer. RISE is meant to a personal journey, without any baggage from the outside world.

The structural design itself focuses on reducing any form of anxiety. Often times the band of the headphone can be a major hassle. They can be too tight and give you a headache, you can’t wear your hat or hood over them, and you can’t lie down comfortably with them on. By rethinking the band as a more functional component, RISE was designed to use the band strategically. It can be used to cover the eyes, or rest on the back of the head, and can easily be positioned to fit the specific needs of the listener. While not demonstrated in the constructed prototype, future versions would have sleeping face mask technology built-in to the inside of the band, to add cushioning for any configuration.

RISE headphones are at their best when listening to Oasis. Oasis is about taking a listener out of a busy, chaotic environment and into a space that is meditative, calm, and focused on him or her as an individual. RISE headphones are the vehicle for that journey, aesthetically, technologically, and experientially designed to match the music. RISE will take you to your Oasis.