Before starting the project, we knew we wanted the song to
be an electronic genre because of the broad range of sound that can be
manipulated through digital instruments.
The song’s key is C major and has 100 bpm, which is the same as the human
heart while asleep.  The song starts off
with ambient chords, using harmonics to introduce the main melody to refrain
from sounding sad and slow.  The rhythmic
in the beginning gives the song a clear and deliberate intro.  The entire song progresses with several
instruments throughout, from cascade textures to recorded voice and piano.  We used a drop to introduce drum kits and
percussion, along with low, sweeping synthesizers to punctuate the song in two,
and put reverb on major tracks to deliver a full sound.  The recorded piano at the end gives it an intimate

We chose to name this song “Awake” – dreamlike yet

Track Overlay:

Piano Score:

Digital Stepper for Modulated Arpeggios

In-House MIDI Board:

Desired Cover Art: